Note to Self

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    just a little reminder on my to do list

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    1. turbotastic ages ago | reply

      nice one !

    2. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      sometimes life seems to be a bit rubish and i have to remind myself

    3. friendly page [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Just what I needed today...

      thank you.


    4. jonbrown13 ages ago | reply

      don't put it on a to do list, do it today! I started a familylife blog about 18 months ago, and it's been very useful in focusing my (absolute) priorities...

    5. Missy Vix™ ages ago | reply

      great idea! it wouldnt work for me so bad tempered that every time i smile, my face cracks. the question is....did it work for you? ;)

    6. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      john-my life is pretty simple its just managing the absolute priorities that is the hard thing. just like this one!

      thanks fierce angle.

      elizabeth - everyone needs a bit of cheering up every now and again im glad i could help

      vix that must cost you a fortune in makeup. im glad i dont have that crackly face syndrome. yep it did work today i am all happy and cheerfull, do you think i need to see a doctor i always think i have been a bit bi-polar

    7. ginormous knee [deleted] ages ago | reply

      i should try that...and maybe prozac.=)

    8. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      ahh prozac. the posabillities

    9. Missy Vix™ ages ago | reply

      yep...visit to the doctor definately in order! .....i heard valiums pretty good to!! :P

      it doesnt cost me too much in make up.....dont crack a smile often enough! haha

    10. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      yea ya do and there is photos to prove it. LOL

    11. Black wolf ages ago | reply

      brilliant advice

    12. Missy Vix™ ages ago | reply

      photos of me smiling? where???

      on second thoughts......dont bother telling me coz i know which photo your going to mention!!! :/

      Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket <- check my cool logo btw!!!! credit to 1039!

    13. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      ten- it actually sounds exactly like my life. though the high point is usually around payday!

      vix i wasn't thinking for that one, i was thinking of the myspaz ones but your not smiling in them. how observant am i!!

    14. opposite structure [deleted] ages ago | reply

      hehe... i need to add this on my do list too because am fustrated nowadays..:(

    15. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      what are you fustrated with maby the flickrites can help?

    16. opposite structure [deleted] ages ago | reply

      actually am preparing for the senior project & it is the last semester
      don't know, i have great ideas but am stock don't know why:(((( every one is telling me that am doing fine & that am on the right track but still am stressed...:(((

    17. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      if every one is telling you you will be fine and you cant dissagree with them it usually means you will will be fine.

      good luck

    18. opposite structure [deleted] ages ago | reply

      thanx Dan..kisses..:)

    19. Dan Bennett2891 ages ago | reply

      no problem i hope it all goes well for you, you sound like you have a good grip on it yourself. :)

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