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Let's Put Something Magical | by Bear Starr
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Let's Put Something Magical

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Patatas Cebollas y Tomates (potatos & tomatoes on floor)

Despensa de Meiga RARE (left, cabinet)

Crema de Brocoli (broccoli soup on table)

Recetas de la abuela (cooking book & props on table)

Platano Con Miel (honey & banana on table shelf)

Mesa de Meigas (foreground, table)


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8f8THE ARCADE Sept '20



“He is old. Very. Ancient even. Day of glorious treetop bursting with thousand leaves are long gone, only few branches left, randomly planted as an oldman's teeth.

As crooked as he is, he is still reaching out and offering a long cool shadow, support for children to swing, firm ground to jump around, restless soul to take a pause or a couple to gaze in each others eyes.

However, the inner heartful essence is reserved for her. She comes around each day. Exactly at 5 o'clock. She looks for a little Robin to find an entrance with her tired aged eyes followed by a cautious look around making sure she is not seen by anyone.


Only when making absolutely sure it is only her and him, she enters the little secret room, a special place he guards for her so proudly. All those memories captured in many versatile tea sets she collected while traveling the world back in a day when her eyes were still able to catch a glimpse of a distant horizon.

Now she travels differently. She always picks a different set. With those shaking hands she carefully takes it out and puts it on a little garden table under the biggest branch. With a comfort of an old sofa her nephew once put out while buying a new one for him and his family, she pours tea in 2 cups. One for her and one for him. Then she takes a cup in those pale cold hands, closes her eyes and inhales.

The scent rushes through her and takes her back into the moment when she has its first sip. She sees them smiling while looking at Sakura trees blooming in late March. The sun, the beauty, the spring ... and his love. She is there with him. With each inhale, with each sip. Her hands become calm and warm again.

Each day. Exactly at 5 o'clock. He guards those moments for her.”


iBi , creative director, 8f8


05 Display Cart

20 Linzer Eyes (left, biscuit and tin on cart)

25 Rose Tea Set (left, tea set on cart)

16 Shelf West


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WARM EARTH dining set

☞ 15-piece dining set with 5 Bonus items (available with Fatpack only)

☞ 3 chair styles with texture/colour-change HUD

☞ Includes texture/colour-change HUD for table & tablecloth (Bonus Item)



Warm Earth Crumpled Linen 2 (on floor)

Warm Earth Chairs

Warm Earth Candles 1 & 2 (on table)

Warm Earth Wicker Vase


CONJURED Teapot (left, biscuit and tin on cart)

DREAMY PASTELS Basket (left, top of cabinet)

KATE’S KITCHEN CLUTTER Pitcher Gzel (middle, top of wall rack)

HOME CLUTTER Rolled Up Rugs (right, behind plant)





☞ HUD includes:-

✤ Name Tag

✤ Sound On/Off options

✤ 16 static animations

✤ 3 fur texture options

✤ Activity options: Follow, Wander & Idle animations

✤ Radius options for "rez" purpose






☞ Normandy-inspired stone farmhouse with…

✤ Footprint 15.5 X 13.8

✤ Fits within parcel size: 512 sq. meter

✤ Land impact: 237 LOD2

✤ Land impact: 86 LOD4

✤ Copy/Modify




● APPLE FALL Blossom Wreath

● APPLE FALL Closing August Collection Baby Pomegranate Spray - Clay Pot

● APPLE FALL Closing August Collection Plant Stand, Tall – Iron

● APPLE FALL Closing August Collection Strew Lemons

● APPLE FALL West Village Fiddle Leaf Fig


● ARISKEA Julia Peonies Basket [Peachy]


● VESPERTINE Spring Rose Arrangement / Pink Tones


● ELEV8 Jasmine Vine


● HIDEKI Wooden Bear


● FAPPLE Murderous Mermaid Gacha Wall Behind Tub tiles (far left)

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