Key West Trip - Jan 2006
There is nothing like an impromptu trip to good ole Key West, especially in January. Within an hour of arriving I was walking along the Harbor Walk on my way to my one of my favorite Key West watering holes...The Schooner Wharf see Michael McCloud...and who should I run into along the way...none other than the man himself...Jimmy Buffett...along with Michael Utley and Mac McAnally. They were there recording a new album. No, I did not take any pictures...didn't want to be a pestering fan. But it was still pretty cool. Anyway, it was the sign of a good trip. Key West never disappoints...beautiful weather and some of the best watering holes in the world. You can never get enough of the Hogs Breath Saloon or the Schooner Wharf. What great musicians they host...along with the countless other bars and musicans in Key West. You know you're in Key West when a musician finishes his show (at the Hogs Breath) and wheels his piano down the street (Duval St) to the next gig! One of my favorite musicians...Jim Morris...was playing at the Margaritaville Cafe all weekend. Anyway, as is the case with Key West, oh the stories we could tell. As the t-shirt at Irish Kevin's says..."I came. I drank. I can't remember".
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