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The impediment of Nightfall.

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Heaven's denial made the men fall hard... lost and alone they followed darkness in grey alleys in an attempt to procure hope--but once you're falling... you're bound to hit the ground, hard.




In the darkness sirens blare and flames fall high, ice and panic and desperation descend upon the world. No star can help you now, all you have is the night, your heart, and your legs to keep you above water...


No one knows exactly when Night will fall, but it's coming, it's coming some day; it is unforgiving and demeaning and terrifying-- We all must fight the darkness, we must resist the inevitable fall. With each other as our beacons we walk the night sky. We are each others' pharos--we, alone, cannot stand...


So we walk the abyss together tonight.




can't decide if i like the square or the 5x7 crop better--opinions?


easily the best shoot of my entire time as a photographer, i'm pretty sure. and i spent it with four of my closest friends so it was especially great. we were in a parking lot which had a huge sign saying "NO TRESPASSING" and we had walked through town with three huge chairs and a stool and we got so many weird looks, we loved it. haha.


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Taken on January 28, 2012