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those days we spent, alone

spending my day in the quiet. trying not to waste that much breath, trying to make the most of my day, trying to be the best i can be, but failing.


sometimes you just look in the mirror and you tell that person on the other side that they're going to become better someday, that they're going to make it, that it'll be over soon, but all they do is follow your words incessantly and repeat them back to you in the reflection--like they're not the ones who are lost, but rather you're lost. your mirror image is always telling you how to be and who to be just as you're trying to tell him how to feel, but all you end up doing is looking at him and telling him it's time to get up, get out, and go.


but both of you still stay there, and even though you have each other, you're both alone in your separate worlds, waiting for someone to come and rescue you--


but at least you're still trying.




i have a bunch of concepts in my head but i need money to buy the props for them. blargh. so in the meantime i'll just be sticking to simple things until i get enough money bleh

being poor sucks hahaha


yeah so i'm a horrible contact as of late bahahaha sorry, still missing you all. have to respond to mail still and check out some of your streams, i've stumbled across a lot of new people in the last month on here, so i hope to be checking out your streams soon :)


color version in comments.


also do me a favor and check out yesterday's photo. I uploaded it really late last night so i don't know if anyone saw it bahaha.


p.s: i got a formspring, ask me questions so i can avoid studying for midterms :)

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Taken on January 28, 2011