BC South Gender Symposium 2018
Tuesday April 24 •• 11 AM •• PCAT for the Spring 2018 History Symposium
Gender Identity in Contemporary American Life: Gender, masculinity and manhood throughout American History since the Civil War

Dr. Cornejo’s U.S. History class will be working with the Student Village Square program to conduct a symposium and panel discussion focusing on gender in American society. Although not an Honors-focused program, all students who are speaking or moderating will have written their own speeches, designed the program, conducted the panel discussion, and led the debate that is part of the Village Square experience.

“These are ordinary students doing extraordinary things…and, I can’t be more excited about the prospects.” ––Dr. Edward Cornejo


Real Men Wore Pink: Sex, Gender, and How American History Defines Us
Jarah Linque-Prato, Health Sciences major

Sports, Sex, and Sexuality: The Invention of the American Male
Santiago Fayad, Business and International Relations major

Men in America: The Struggle for Identity and the Pursuit of Opportunity
Fabio Rojas, History major

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