Sacred Treks: Everest
Sacred Treks: Everest was both a journey of a lifetime and a pilgrimage to raise awareness and support for the Breast Cancer Fund's work to eliminate the environmental causes of the disease. In April 2011, a team of women and men experienced a truly unique trek through the Himalaya and to the world's tallest peak, Everest (29,035’), looming as a sentinel over the Nepal-Tibet border.

Sacred Treks: Everest was a breathtaking, yet strenuous, 14-day trek to the foot of Mt. Everest with expert Himalayan guide Cathy Ann Taylor. From Kala Patar (18,192’), trekkers set their eyes on the incredible face of Everest, then hiked to Everest Base Camp. Cathy Ann’s deep connections to the area opened doors to many of the local people she has met over the years.

Photos: Cathy Ann Taylor,
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