• Push pins to hold it together.
  • Top of bottle cut off
  • Top 1/5th of bottle cut off, turned around and stuck in bottom.
  • Holes cut in bottom of bottle. Fishing line to tie it to shore
  • Catfish chow. Dog food will likely work, too. A bit of raw bacon or a chicken neck will catch crayfish.

Fish Trap

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More details here:


World's cheapest fish trap. Made from a plastic soda bottle, a bit of fishing line, and a few push pins. Cat fish chow used as bait, but dog food or cat food would likely work just as well.

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  1. daniel.mcg ages ago | reply

    Is it legal to catch fish like this?


  2. bbum ages ago | reply

    I have no idea. Given that we are catching tiny blue gill in a private pond that we stocked ourselves, I'm going to assume so.

  3. huangpo ages ago | reply

    Punching lots of holes in this would help it sink faster. Try using a long nail held with pliers heated with a flame.

    Nice reuse of material! And a very simple design compared to the southern Louisiana crawfish trap:

    One thing the crawfish trap above has is an easy method to empty the trap.

    CHALLENGE: How could the plastic bottle trap be modified to make it quicker and easier to empty and put back in the water?

  4. bloodbeard ages ago | reply

    This is similar to the design my dad showed me for catching minnows for bait. We also used funnels screwed into the lid of a mayo jar, but the same principle. I think it would be illegal to catch game fish in Michigan with one of these, at least on a public lake. Anyway, one of these with a piece of bread inside makes a cheap way to supply all the live bait you'll need.

  5. ronsta ages ago | reply

    incredibly smart use of clear plastic. to prevent fish from escaping, a clear plastic door that only opens in one direction would be awesome. i'm sure it could be done; i just don't have the know-how.

    also, i wonder if you could attach a strong battery-powered underwater light to the far end of the bottle to trap shrimp at night...would be very useful down here in south florida.

  6. OzYowie ages ago | reply

    Fish can’t swim backwards! Ingenious

  7. PhotoshopBob1564 ages ago | reply

    Small fish can turn around but most will not be able to get back out. The way the trap is designed with the funnel like entrance.

  8. dear140 ages ago | reply

    IF any1 knows any others plz post on here theres something about milk jug traps but the explanation sucked.

  9. shepshep2k7 ages ago | reply

    Yh i remember this trap, i used to be a little nipper ( im only 17 now lol ) when i used to make traps that are exactly the same, except we didnt use the pins to hold in the neck of the trap. Me and my friend used to catch fish mainly and in bit numbers, quiet surprising howmany fish can fir in them things

  10. babyduckyparsons ages ago | reply

    i think you should staple it together instead of pushpinning it together.

  11. bbum ages ago | reply

    Then you can't get it apart to get the fish / crawdads out!

  12. katachthonios ages ago | reply

    Nice, seems like a good way to collect bait.

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