... er, a few postboxes. Still crazy after all these years.
Here are images of the gold painted postboxes at Nailsworth (GL6 195 and GL6 195A), Watledge (GL6 63), Cheltenham (GL50 51) and Ampney St. Peter (GL7 16). Instead of mowing the lawn or planning to take over the world, I set out to find them and capture them for posterity. I took along a wheelbarrow, a hacksaw and a spade, but when there were objections to my using these I had to settle for some photographs instead.
My better half complained bitterly and said, "Why don't you stay at home and plan how to take over the world, as you usually do, and look at that grass, it's been occupied by a herd of wilderbeests and looks like the pampas ( I did not understand this reference to a brand of nappies, and wilderbeests do not live in Argentina),
So I went to the Doctor and he said I had OPD i.e obsessional postbox disorder.
He gave me some tablets, which had MON, TUE, WED etc on them, but they tasted rather metallic.
He advised me to join a support group. I used to like the meetings, which always began with, "My name is Bazza and I am a postboxaholic."
OPD means that you wander around snapping anything red. This leads to mistakes involving dog waste bins, and encounters with angry ladies in red tops
and black skirts

- but at least this activity keeps me off the streets.
I have over 4000 pictures of post boxes, so this is a very serious case, brought to a head by this sudden painting of sundry postboxes with gold paint. I think it is totally unfair, by the way, that silver medalists are not also honoured, er, and bronze as well, so I have ordered some industrial strength aluminium foil which I intend to swathe a few boxes with. I will also spray the appropriate boxes with ambre solaire as, apparently, this gives good quality bronzing
Anyway here at my home, appropriately called 'Postbox Towers', I must put on my Postman Pat pyjamas, feed my pet dog Penfold (he's mail) and plan another day of trying to find undiscovered postboxes. They sometimes spring up at night like mushrooms, especially after rain.
If none of this is machan any sense to you, I'm still aperture to meet ya, and just thank the Lord you are not a victim of OPD.
None of the above is true, er, except the obsession, which matron tells me is bound to fade with time.
Joining The Letterbox Study Group is an excellent way to promote an interest in, er, postboxes, but sadly I am no longer a member.
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