... 'cos I CAN! A cupboard collection in a collage.

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    I told the sauces to look saucy, the spices to look hot, the chocolate to show its darker side, threw the baking ingredients into the mix and told the tea and coffee to stir themselves up. There was something very fishy about some of the tins, and other cans were in the soup. Now run it past me again, the healthiest of the spreads is the one on the top, right? The milk is about to spill, but it's no use crying over it, and a lot of these packs are just essential! Now doesn't the treacle look sweet, it's time for the yeast to rise up and I hope these comments do not jar!
    In 'Original' this is all bigger.

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    1. frau kpunkt 38 months ago | reply

      i probably don't get all the points, but i still like it very much.

    2. BazzaDaRambler 38 months ago | reply

      Apparently German humour does not rely so much on puns -
      but I am addicted ot them. So if i say it's no use starting to collect stamps because philately will get me nowhere, it's a play on flattery. if, however, I'm teaching my grandma to suck eggs, because what I say is obvious to you, we have opened another can of worms, and are into idioms and metaphors. Cheers!

    3. frau kpunkt 38 months ago | reply

      very interesting article! no, we don't rely on puns so much - but they're what i love about English. i will shortly write a term paper on idioms...

    4. BazzaDaRambler 38 months ago | reply

      Sehr gut!
      I have a small pet newt called Tiny. I call him Tiny because he's my newt.
      How do you tell a stoat from a weasel? Well, one is weasily recognised and the other is stoatally different.
      The usual response to punning jokes like these is a loud groan.
      Jokes ABOUT Germans, inevitably, involve a certain unfortunate time e.g.
      ... and the ball was over the line!

    5. frau kpunkt 38 months ago | reply

      don't get the one about the newt...
      i love jürgen the german:
      a friend once told me the one with the frayed knot, do you know it?
      took me about three days to work it out (though i would like to add that i wasn't as advanced in my knowledge of the english language [and humour] then)
      and yes, very true about the groaning :)

    6. BazzaDaRambler 38 months ago | reply

      minute (said like my newt = tiny, very small.
      Harry Enfield always funny.
      Tim Vine - funny with puns ...
      and -
      Jokes be he and others at the Edinburgh Fringe.
      PS The joke you mentioned. Do I know it? I'm afraid not.

    7. BazzaDaRambler 3 weeks ago | reply

      3 years ago, surely knot!

    8. frau kpunkt 2 weeks ago | reply

      Don't remind me of this term paper.

    9. BazzaDaRambler 2 weeks ago | reply

      Time for you to be busy again, then?! Nose to the wheel, shoulder to the grindstone etc. No, that doesn't sound right. You're always busy! Must go and watch some television.

    10. frau kpunkt 2 weeks ago | reply

      I am currently preparing a paper about language acquisition in autistic children. You might soon be reading about it, if you will.

    11. frau kpunkt 2 weeks ago | reply

      Enjoy your telly!

    12. frau kpunkt 2 weeks ago | reply

      ...and don't mention the war.

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