From Helvetica to Haas Unica
This is the promotional publication by Team'77, outlining the strategy and realization of Haas Unica.

In 1980, Team'77 (consisting of André Gürtler, Erich Gschwind and Christian Mengelt) set out to "correct" common issues found in the grotesk typefaces at the time, including Helvetica.

The Haas type foundry, birthplace of Helvetica (originally Neue Grotesk), contracted Gürtler and Team'77 to audit the Helvetica typeface and reissue an improved version.

Presently, the Linotype and Scangraphic foundries both claim ownership of the type family. Because of this, Haas Unica is commercially unavailable.


After holding onto this report for some time, I feel it should be available to everyone. I am no typographer, but this accomplishment and the methodical thought that went into it fascinates me.
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