The Turtle Is Always Late To The Party

Today's "Slash Oil" anti-drilling protest on Ocean Beach.

Taken this morning with Ian... who has a fantastic stop-motion video of the event!

Kelly, ~Jeanne~, and Ken Ilio faved this
  • iandoubleyou 5y

    If only she had legs

    oh wait...
  • Bob Horowitz 5y

  • Kelly 5y

    why didn't yous try to get in that copter?

    this shot is great.
    the turtle person confuses me but I can just accept it and move on.
  • Bob Horowitz 5y

    Get in the copter? People don't leap that high in real life. Are you playing video games again?
  • Kelly 5y

    Bob Horowitz no I meant make nice with the driver of it and see if you could go up. Of course I know that only Sylvester Stallone and Charles Bronson can leap into a moving helicopter. duh.
  • Nancy Newell 5y

    and me. I can leap into a moving helicopter.
    tells a good story, this shot.
  • nicolemariedev 5y

    love it. i noticed that turtle on ian's time lapse thing. i felt bad for him/her.
  • Kelly 5y

    Nancy Newell I stand corrected. Nancy is in the [distinguished] company of Sly Stallone and Charles Bronson. And she is a badass mofo as well.
  • ~Jeanne~ 5y

    LOVE this! bob, you kill me!
  • Vincent Hrovat 5y

    Yeah, but I bet the hare's still at home watching TV . . . .
  • Ken Ilio 5y

    Nice ...
  • Suradej Chuephanich 5y

    Awesome capture.
    Have a great weekend my friend :D
  • Jay Fine 5y

    Love it!

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • iandoubleyou 5y

  • Bob Horowitz 5y

    And there we are, flanking the seawall stairs in the upper right side of the picture.
  • ~Jeanne~ 5y

    The snails just got there...crap, it's too late.

    dude, I so love this photo.
  • suz or sooze 5y

    ooo.. booo.. i missed it. too much going on the past few weeks...
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