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Road by the net.

Spectral portrait by me.

Textures by Ghostbones.

Final processing by me.


The tale:


All happened during a foogy night on the road, many years ago, even before the construction of the highway, that now crosses the Garraf’s mountains.


It was pitch dark, while a soft but continuous rain keep falling and the fog covered all, avoiding being able to see beyond of a couple of metres.


A man was driving his car through the curves on the road, trying to arrive home and reunite with his wife and two daughters after a long weekend of work.


In one of the curves of the road, he saw a hitchhiker, a young, pale girl, dressing in white and completely drenched by the rain.

This man felt pity for the girl, and he decided to give her a lift to the nearest town.


While driving, he and Verónica, the young girl were talking about trivial things, when, suddenly, before one of the most closed and dangerous curves, the girl advised him to reduce speed, almost asking him to passing by it very slowly.


The man did it, and finds out, scared, that if it wasn’t been warned of the danger, they could have a serious crash.

He thanks her, for having saved his life, to which Verónica answered:

- Do not thank me, it's my mission.

In this curve I had crash, more than 25 years ago on a foggy rainy night like tonight...


And After pronouncing those words, she disappeared, leaving only as an evidence of her spectral appearance a wet patch on the passenger seat.

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Taken on May 6, 2009