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    Day 56 of 365. I'm still in Computer Virus Hell...but it's been a productive day. Maybe the beginning of the end is in sight.

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    1. daleonsouth 95 months ago | reply

      This photo is much more fun then a virus of anykind. "Best wishes for speedy recovery"

    2. Old Shoe Woman 95 months ago | reply

      Been there. Done that.

    3. Lori Franz Photography 95 months ago | reply

      I'm just impressed you getting rid of it on your own!

    4. basykes 95 months ago | reply

      Don't be that impressed. My part is trying to back up files I should have been backing up for years. When I get that done, I'll turn it over to a computer geek to do a re-install of XP

    5. lrayholly 95 months ago | reply

      Poor Lady! I truly understand! It's why I switched to a Mac years ago. I've only had one major meltdown since (thank goodness!). I hope you get things running smoothly soon!

    6. gaymay 95 months ago | reply

      My heart goes out to you, Bev...but I'm wondering...if you're gonna pay someone to reinstall...why not have them do the back up? Can't they do it faster because they know all the tricks? Just wondering! :o) Hang in there!!!!!!!

    7. basykes 95 months ago | reply

      He'll do most of the backup but there were some files I wanted to make sure got off and got organized (no, not porn, you silly boy...)

    8. Nanna J 95 months ago | reply

      lol, if it woeren't for my computer honey, I'd be like this... wait... I do look like that sometimes... ha!
      good luck.

    9. miz bee 95 months ago | reply

      Backing up I hate to do. Should set a date of the week each week and move stuff. Notice I said should.

    10. basykes 95 months ago | reply

      I just bought an external hard drive and intend to save documents on it instead of my hard drive. I hope that helps.

    11. purdman1 81 months ago | reply

      Hi basykes -- we just used your (seriously excellent!) picture over at Lifehacker to illustrate a story about computer annoyances:

      Thanks for making it CC, and for making it fun to look at ;)

    12. Waifer X 63 months ago | reply

      Wow, Bev--now you've been boingboing'ed:

      Patrick M. Len (formerly from Davis, with too many pugs in the late 90's)

    13. andsoyoucode 50 months ago | reply

      Great Picture :-)
      I am remaking a clip of mine dedicated to hard working programmers and I am looking for new pictures for the remake.
      the clip as it is now appears on youtube under "And So You Code"

      I would very much like to use this picture of yours in the new clip.
      I will of course make sure that full credit is given to every picture owner also with links to the owner's web site.
      Just tell me what I should write under: Name, Location, and URLs.

      Please tell me if it is OK to use your picture (basykes/490907537/) in the clip remake at

      Thank You,

    14. basykes 50 months ago | reply

      Sure. It's fine. Thank you. Just use the name, Bev Sykes

    15. Okanagan College Library 41 months ago | reply

      Hi Bev, We have used your photo on our blog, Thanks!

    16. Harma-Mae 40 months ago | reply

      Hello! I used this photo on my blog, for the post Why It's Harder to Write a Term Paper Than a Blog . Attributed to Bev Sykes. Thanks!

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