WARNING: While unhelmeted riders are shown herein, rest assured these pictures were taken on closed courses at low speeds.

A "Bakfiets" (bahk-feets) is a Dutch cargo-bike with a built-in marine-grade plywood box. The name literally means “box bike.” (One Bakfiets, two Bakfietsen.)

So it's a wheelbarrow with pedals.

I got a Bakfiets to reduce car errands and to share with like-minded neighbors.

WONKY STUFF: The bike's internal 8-speed hub, drum brakes and chain are all fully encased.

The bike weighs 97 pounds. Add a load to it (the limit is 180-ish lbs in front, 70-ish on the back rack), and with its low center of gravity, the rider feels like an engineer on a train; the momentum can be substantial.

When parking, I often hear, "You left your lights on!" That's because the front and back lights are powered by generator hubs built into the wheels. The back light stores an extra charge and stays lit when you stop pedaling.

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