Knott's Berry Farm: Knott's Beary Tales

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    Monthly Scavenger Hunt: Its Getting Froggy in Here

    1. Dreadful Penny ages ago | reply

      THANK YOU!!!
      THANK YOU!!!
      THANK YOU!!!
      You positively rock for having this photo...
      I think this is the only picture I have ever seen of one of my favorite rides in the world!
      Knott's Bear-y Tales spurned a lifelong obsession with blacklight and is second in my heart only to Disney's Haunted Mansion.

    2. Barry Wallis ages ago | reply

      Can I ask how you found this picture? I may have more vintage Knott's Berry Farm photos I could scan in if you are interested.

    3. thepipes ages ago | reply

      I was really young when this ride was still open, but I have fond memories of it.

    4. Elizabeth Ingrid ages ago | reply

      I loved this ride so much that I still have the companion children's book that was sold at the Knott's Berry Farm gift shop! The illustrations are just as adorable as the ride.

    5. dreadmon ages ago | reply

      That's great! I love this ride!

    6. wax poetic ages ago | reply

      This is GREAT! I too loved this ride as a kid. I think it is entering its third incarnation now as they have scrapped the dinosaur theme. Glad to hear we all have a fondness for this long gone ride...

    7. Hot_Rod_Gal ages ago | reply

      Love this photo! I loved this ride as a kid, and was sad they took it out - I still have the book too, and my daughter wanted so badly to ride this when we went there last year! Would love to see more of these! I'll try and dig my old ones out to scan in too!!

    8. The Maggot Prince ages ago | reply

      Pretty much what everybody said above here. This is the ONLY photo i have ever seen of this ride. Its was so fantasticly absurd and then they made it into that hinky dinosaur thing. Ah well, at least the dinosaurs have odd new age music. Still, i miss black light, jam addled teddy bears. A lot.

    9. bear-y tales operator ages ago | reply

      Wow, It's great to see what used to be my home away from home.
      I worked on Knott's Bear-y Tales for several years. That beautiful little attraction was so well done and fun to work in and on. During those days ride operators (like myself) were always inside "berry tales" watching people to make sure they "remained quitely seated at all times" during their ride. If you didn't, we would call security and they would nicely remove you from the park. I still remember the berry smell in the first set (the bakery) and the honeysuckle scent in frog forest. As far as the music, I remember the soundtrack was a loop that lasted 1 1/2 mins. then it would repeat, I loved every second of it!
      The charming sets and props are still some of the best I've seen. Designed by a man named Rolly Crump it was pure Knott's at its best. As time went on, I worked in the Design and Planning Dept. at Knott's. (The dept no longer exisits as you can tell by the carnival like, Magic Mountain type carnies that purchased the park.) And what they have done to the place. I was and still am very good friends with all the people that designed the Roaring 20's area and Knott's Bear-y Tales, in fact a good friend (Luann Davis) was a model maker for Bear-y tales and a close friend and co-worker with Rolly Crump who designed the ride. While I was in Design and Planning I was Art Director for special events like Halloween Haunt. I Designed that for 13 years! Anyway... The "Bear-y Tales was one of the best things to happen to Knott's I still miss it. I do have a pie tin from the bakery complete with boysenberry colored paint on it. I treasure that little piece of history. I was indeed lucky to be included with a lot of what when on to make Knott's Berry farm a great place at one time, what has happened to the old place is a crime! I have photos of the entire ride. All the sets, sound room, load/unload areas and everything in between. I can still smell that berry scent and the honeysuckle from the countless hours I was inside that charming little ride. Watch out I think Crafty coyote is still lookin for pies to steal!!!.... And please exit the car to your right onto the moving ramp, the cars don't stop. Thanks for joining us today!

    10. Barry Wallis ages ago | reply

      Great story. Thanks for letting me know. BTW, Rolly Crump is a Disney Legend.

    11. wax poetic ages ago | reply

      wow, we are all grateful for that tale! any chance those pictures will make it on here! thanks for the story!!!

    12. bear-y tales operator ages ago | reply

      As soon as I dig out my BOXES of Knott's memories all the photos I have of the Bear-y Tales ride interior will be here. From the load platform into the bakery, frog forest, gypsy camp( Wanda the fox was my favorite there, she was the fox with the crystal ball in her tent) the sound room, the cave, weird woods and the grand finale...The Fair ! will be on here. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the ride sound track?? (load area and ride)

    13. wax poetic ages ago | reply

      yay!!! can't wait!!!

    14. The Maggot Prince ages ago | reply

      I too wish to see all of this! I really dug Beary Tales as a kid, but it got rennovated before i could really sink my teeth in.


    15. janewrightjunk ages ago | reply

      I am also a big fan of the Knott's Beary tales. I still have the book and read it to my kid! I love the smell/taste of Chambord liquer due to the fact that it smells like the beary ride.

    16. psitko ages ago | reply

      Wow! This brings back some memories! thanks for posting it. Bear-y tales Operator, I would LOVE to see more if you've got them. Thanks so much for posting your story.

      Now, I've got to go see if I can find old photos of the Trollywood train from Magic Mountain! Oh! and the Magic Pagoda! Disneyland is so much better documented than these other Sothern California parks.

    17. Barry Wallis ages ago | reply

      You're welcome.

    18. 117 months ago | reply

      Bear-y Tales Operator,

      Do you still plan on bringing out those pictures? The internet doesn't have enough covereage of this incredible attraction.

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