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South Park me - "Respect my authoriteee..."

Frighteningly close to the truth, even the scar is on the correct side. As a photographer I feel I look at my best in 'moody lighting' - friends say I look at my best in total darkness!


Yes, even BDSM people have a sense of humour! smiles


The black and blue are a nod in the direction of being former chairman of SM Pride in the UK 1998 to 2000. Why black and blue? What colour is a bruise? Black and blue are our 'team colours' and even appear on the BDSM flag:


The above link goes to a copy of the BDSM flag and nothing else.


From my Flickr profile:


"Born on June 9 I'm a typical Gemini - mercurial and inquisitive. I have been told that I suffer from a 'deplorable excess of personality'. My family seem to have inherited that trait. My personal politics are liberal but not dogmatic. I am not quite 'green' - more sort of 'peppermint' coloured.


I am heterosexual BDSM and proud of it.... safe, sane and consensual on the 'dominant' wing of the lifestyle. I was chairman of SM Pride nationally from 1998 to 2000 and I'm a former Spanner Trustee. I was co-organiser of the 1999 and 2000 SM Pride marches.


For those unaware of the term BDSM Wikipedia has this:


In the late 1990s I worked as a dungeon monitor [BDSM health and safety person] at Torture Garden, Age of Reason and other nightclubs and I still maintain a keen interest in lifestyle health and safety. During my time with SM Pride my telephone number was listed nationally and I found myself counselling people from all walks of life with BDSM issues or who were simply coming to terms with themselves as 'non-vanilla' people.


I have appeared in several television documentaries and chat shows talking about our lifestyle. One episode of 'Secret Suburbia' featured myself and my eldest daughter Emma with Emma holding forth on the perils of having a pervy Dad. In her commentary she said: "There's no one quite like my dad.... he's.... errr... unique!" Bless her!


Around 10 per cent of the sexually active adult population is BDSM inclined but not so many choose to admit it. Many of my scene friends have 'come out' as BDSM to friends and family. Some have even found that their parents or children have similar interests as well, giving rise to yet another nature/nuture type discussion.


By way of a disclaimer I should point out that none of my testimonial writers and very few of my Flickr contacts are BDSM people - my Flickr friends are mostly people who know about my sexuality and who are either content to ignore it or accept it as non-threatening."

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Taken on January 13, 2011