Winchester Cathedral

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    Medieval floor tiles (old) have been patched using modern copies (new). One of the tour guides said that Winchester Cathedral has one of the largest expanses of original medieval floor tiles in Britain.


    Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire was once at the heart of Saxon and then medieval government. Several Anglo-Danish kings were buried here including King Canute. The second Norman King, William II or William Rufus was also buried here and it hosted King Richard The Lionheart's second coronation.

    The tour guides say the cathedral is the longest Gothic cathedral in Europe. It features some spectacular ceilings. The nave and chancel were rebuit in High Gothic style but the transepts retain their Norman features such as rounded windows.

    Novelist Jane Austen and angler Izaak Walton are both buried here.

    The building was saved from collapse in the early years of the 20th century when a brass-helmeted diver worked for several years in water 20 feet deep to re-inforce the waterlogged Norman foundations so that they could be pumped out and further re-inforced.

    Scenes for the movie The Da Vinci Code were filmed here in 2005 but the cathedral has also hosted displays and discussions debunking the book itself. to see the full set

    You can find out more about Winchester Cahedral here:

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      Hmmm, tricky working out which ones are the medieval ones and which ones the modern copies.....

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      Not really (unless you are joking). The new ones look new! smile

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