Uglyworld #1444 - Scottishers Mexicans (Project TW - Image 44-366)

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    Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 44/366

    I has to tellers you that others than cookies, my super toppers favouriter food is one that I first tastiereds while we was visiterings Scotlands.

    Rindfleish, grounded beefs, or as the Scottishers likes to refers to it, simplies as "mince", and then a massivers big helperings of potato and smothereds in tastiers gravy!

    Mince and tatties rockers my tastybudders biggerstime, so you can imaginers my surprisers when I finders mince and tatties wrappereds up in a burritoer on the menus at the locals Taco Beller!!!

    I may justs have screamereds a littler bit loudlies at the girls behind the counters, they seemereds a littler bit scared when I yellereds, "Sorters me outs with 2 mince and tatties burritos righters now, and makes it snappies!!!"

    I hopes they tasters just how I imaginers...

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    1. twinnieE 82 months ago | reply

      I'm Scottish so I know where you're coming from.
      Nom Nomings.
      Give us a bite?

    2. MAPow/MaryAnne 82 months ago | reply

      Sounds good to me!!
      Wonder if they have them on the menu at Taco Bell at this end of the country...

    3. bad_juju2 82 months ago | reply

      So, how were they?

    4. 82 months ago | reply

      Jackie Meredith You has to be quicks!
      Mary Anne I hopers so, I knows you can gets them in Calimafornias, Oregons and Washingtons!
      bad_juju2 Awesomers, I thinkers I will be getterings them agains!

    5. simoneo333, 82 months ago | reply

      Taco Bell, not bad stuff. Your too cute

    6. super iron [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

      May have to look these up the next time we're in the "big" (that's a relative term in MT) of my son's favorite eateries... :D

    7. Marked_man 82 months ago | reply

      How is it that a halp pound of cheesy potatoe can add 3 pounds of fat to your hips? HUM

    8. 82 months ago | reply

      Mark It's magic, 'nuff said ;)

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