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    Since arriving back in Germany yesterday morning I've been drifting in and out of sleep every few hours during the day and then find myself lying wide awake in bed during the night, oh how I love jetlag!

    Wedgehead reckons that jetlag is contageous as even though he didn't make the trip back from America with me he has been sleeping as much (or as little) as me in the last day or so.

    "Man, I feels like alls of my energies has been wipered out, I hates being jetlaggered!!!", he explained right before his eye closed yet again for another wee nap.

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    1. Toad in a Tophat 96 months ago | reply

      awww poor Wedgehead.

      Glad you made it home safely and soundly! :)

    2. The Dolly Mama 96 months ago | reply

      Yes..glad you are home safe and sound..
      And boy can I relate to this look...we stayed up and watched a GREAT foreign film last night Cinema Paradiso...which won best foreign film in to find it was a bit difficult it on Netflix..but surprisiingly after watching and getting really really stiff of sitting...I realized I had the directors cut..which has an extra 73 mins...(*_*)
      It was wonderful...but a bit unexpectedly long!
      So this morning my hubby and I looked just like Wedgehead!!

    3. curly request [deleted] 96 months ago | reply


    4. maggie_gem 96 months ago | reply

      Little guy really missed Baz... wants to be awake when you are! How cute :-)

    5. 96 months ago | reply

      Poor Baz and poor Uglies! Hope you get back to your normal rhythm soon :-)

    6. MAPow/MaryAnne 96 months ago | reply

      Hope you can all take a few days to get yourselves sorted out and back on home time!

    7. BarbaraCZ 96 months ago | reply

      I'm glad you're home safe and sound, but yes the time difference... that'll get you...

      I love the almost closed eye! :D

    8. horsesqueezing 96 months ago | reply

      he sure looks exhausted

    9. Mo Boara 96 months ago | reply

      Poor Wedgehead! Adorable shot, as usual!

    10. kingkong21 96 months ago | reply

      nite WEDGEHEAD, sweet dreams. :p

    11. tomo_moko 96 months ago | reply

      LOL such a funny photo!! :D

    12. simon_woods 95 months ago | reply

      He's even making me feel tire..Zzzzz

    13. Firebeetle 95 months ago | reply

      Oh I see you all finally are back in Germany. Welcome!
      You all take your time to get back into our time-zone :o))

    14. Photo David 95 months ago | reply

      Yay for home!

    15. Chunky van Monkey 95 months ago | reply

      So good to see that Wedgehead is 'supporting' you

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