Uglyworld #2397 - #Selfies - (Project On The Go - Image 227-365)

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    Project "On The Go" - Image 227/365

    As there is only one weeker lefts to go until Mireille and Baz gets marriereds, me and Babo askereds them if they would poses withs us for a coupler of #selfies.

    They both agreeds, so we breakereds out our instanters camera and scoreds us these two awesomersaucers photomagraphs for our records that they were at leasts funnies before they gots marriereds*

    * - As we has heareds a biggers rumour heres in the cave that once you gets marriereds, you is no funs any more and becomes super mega grumpiers non-stoppers!

    p.s. We really hopes that this is justs an urbans myther!

    Todays steps = 5,469

    The 2014 grand total = 1,294,245

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    1. wadiefong 50 months ago | reply

      HOW WONDERFUL!!! :-D Thankies for reporting backers Babo! :-D Dunt worrierzs, Bazies n Mummers iz fillers with the spiritzs of the yongers at hartz. Withum yers and all Uglydoms familee members (espeshul all the Babos!), you will helpers to keepers theml happuzies and funniers all of the timers!!! CONGRATULATIONS! :-D <3

      P.S. Dont forgeets most importanters is cookies! They wulls alwayzers cures the grumpees!

    2. 50 months ago | reply

      He he, we miss your replies Wadie ;)

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