Every year my family plays a board game on Christmas Eve. This year I got us Funagle to play. We were all surprised by well put together it was as a board game and we all had a blast playing it. I put the dogcam on Fancy to record the event for posterity ;-)

When I told my mother what game I had for us, her response was, "oh you finally found a game you can win" presumably because they were all able to beat me at all the word and/or fact based games we played when I was a child: 5 year old kid against 2 college educated adults (one with a law degree) and a precocious, hyper-intelligent 10 year old boy. 'Cause that's fair!

Because I have done a lot of dog training, Mother apparently assumed I was stacking the deck in my favor for game night but she and Britney (my 4yo Jack Russell Terrier) won (I still dispute the ruling on Brit kissing Mother's check but oh well)

You can all use the same dog or everyone can use their own or you can switch off for every round. Mother used Britney, I used Jellybean (8 mos old Australian Cattle Dog) because I felt like it would be good for her and my brother mostly used Fancy (my 8 yo Belgian Malinois who was also our photographer) although he and I switched for one round. Daddy sat in a chair snapping pics and making fun of us. My parents' dogs (two Border Terriers) observed.

If you have a dog and like board games I highly suggest an evening of Funagle!
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