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Taking a break..... TO VIEW ON BLACK :)


Fun Facts about Osprey:


*Ospreys are found on every continent except Antarctica. They breed on all continents except Antarctica and South America.

*Ospreys eat a diet which consists almost exclusively of fish. This earned them the nickname “sea hawk.”

*Ospreys hunt fish by hovering over water and then diving feet first to capture prey in their powerful talons.

*An Osprey’s outer toe is reversible, which means they can carry prey (slippery fish) with two toes in front and two toes behind.

*While flying away with the freshly-caught prey, an Osprey will manipulate the fish so that it is parallel to the bird’s body, and thus aerodynamic.

*The oldest known North American Osprey lived to be 25 years old.

*During the mid-20th century, North American Osprey populations suffered great losses (along with other birds of prey) due to widespread use of the pesticide DDT. After DDT and other contaminants were banned, the *Osprey recovered fairly quickly.

*Ospreys make large nests on the top of dead or live trees. They will also readily use nest platforms or other man-made structures like utility poles.


Food For Thought: Wise Words :)


A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger. Proverbs 15:1


***Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :) I sure am! We are trying a new restaurant tonight, has great reviews. Wish you all could go with us, now wouldn't that be fun!! Thank you so much again for your constant inspiration and generous word! You are all Keepers! : )...and very talented ones at that! :)

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Taken on July 9, 2012