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Binary Clock - block diagram | by barnoid
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Binary Clock - block diagram

I attempted to make a binary clock as a Christmas present for scribe. It uses 4000 series CMOS logic ICs. This is a block diagram. It has a quartz pulse circuit which is divided down from 32768Hz to 2Hz by the 4060. This then drives a 4024 7bit counter for seconds connected to a 4 input AND gate, half of a 4082, which in turn drives the clock input of another 4024 which counts minutes. A similar thing happens for minutes to hours.


Blue circles in the diagram indicate where the blue LEDs and accompanying resistors attach. The diagram doesn't show where the switches for setting the hours and minutes attach.


This circuit works fine when assembled on breadboard, but for some reason I haven't yet worked out it doesn't work when soldered on stripboard.

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Taken on December 29, 2006