40+280 Heat

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    It's really hot out.
    At least it's not hot like some of the states though, 121?? like WTF??

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    1. pikakaka 57 months ago | reply

      yeah.. really hot day..and here, too. hate..we need a ice!!!

    2. inuzuka_vinnie [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      WOOF! First time I get a chance to catch a glimpse of your belly! Soo dang cute. Can I help you cool yourself?

    3. scotsman1960 57 months ago | reply

      "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"

    4. archidave 56 months ago | reply

      Whore! With your come-and-get-me legs and knees akimbo.

    5. RamBear 56 months ago | reply

      I'll have what the guy on the floor is having

    6. Bradon Liu 56 months ago | reply

      somebody call the ice cream truck!!

    7. MascNNJ [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      It's like yer asking me to lay on top of you and snuggle you.

    8. bark 56 months ago | reply

      Get some on the plants too!
      I don't hear those Climate Change deniers yelling about how bad scientists are lately...perhaps they're convinced?
      thx :)
      HAH I haven't done that in ages
      I need a pool.
      see, that I can deal with!
      Yah, I rolled inside pretty quick
      Like a boneless chicken...just as white too
      I'm surprised everything has lived through this summer.
      I wouldn't be me if I didn't frustrate you :)
      omg, it's totally true!
      you make it sound hot and dirty
      I'll take it anyways, I would SO love a pool.
      ACK!! That's horrific!!
      HAHHA now that would be funny!
      mmmm frothy live giving pints
      oh my
      good idea
      for a photo or just because you were melting?
      I can't wear less, I'm shy...but popsicle I can do!
      I like Autumn. It's my favorite.
      oh hahaha...thanks ;)
      ...and I can't reach my beer!
      you should have seen the outtakes.
      HAHAHA always a good choice :)
      ding ding ding
      eeek! I can't handle snuggling when it's hot and humid out....you'll have to drag me into the a/c

    9. Plaid-Steel [deleted] 56 months ago | reply


    10. vtrrbear 56 months ago | reply

      Great shot, Steve! We finally cooled down here yesterday when a storm front moved through. A high of only 91 today! WHEW WHOO!

    11. bark 56 months ago | reply

      thanks man :)
      That's still crazy...but compared to what you DID have...it's a huge improvement!

    12. The Octothorpe 56 months ago | reply

      I've always loved the grading you do. There is a nostalgic/dreamlike quality about it that I so enjoy.

    13. bluebear214 [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      Where is that beer-carrying dog when you need him?

    14. bark 56 months ago | reply

      thanks :) Grading video is one of my favorite things!
      I know!! I should have adopted a St. Bernard!

    15. bluebear214 [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      But think of the stooping and scooping...yikes.

    16. Downtown Chef Tom 56 months ago | reply

      Oh dear gawd! This is so good! Well done!

    17. paddington62 56 months ago | reply

      Mmmmmm, those legs!!!

    18. Jeff Bear 55 months ago | reply

      Hey, check out those sexy bear feet.........my tongue is hanging out.....WOOF !!

    19. CGP Grey 42 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making your photo available as CC-BY. I've used it in a video on Daylight Saving Time.

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