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I was making goofy faces at the camera, and then of course it was all "oh no I am NOT taking this picture cause it's out of focus or something that I deem essential for a photo"


and I was all like "oooh NO you don't!! argh!! Like some microchip knows a damn thing about what I want in my photo!! Just take the stupid..."




Seen here...great article too



and in this advertisement, which breaks the rules of Creative Commons, and has a 'quote' from me endorsing a product I've never used....and apparently I'm named Mike now.



and here... lifehacker.com/5876752


and here... lifehacker.com/don-t-confuse-satisfaction-with-happiness-...


and here... www.businessinsider.com/googles-famous-testing-on-the-toi...

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Taken on June 2, 2010