Oh Summer...

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    With reports of blizzards, and a storm just narrowly missing us to south...I have already begun to long for summer.
    Oh blue sky...oh fields of green something-or-other that may or may not be edible by humans...oh little fluffy clouds...oh how I miss you.

    Seen here... momathonblog.typepad.com/momathon_blog/2010/07/a-little-s...

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    1. paddington62 65 months ago | reply

      Don't you get midges and the like in summer?

    2. Ken I Am 65 months ago | reply

      Never fear, soon it will be back.

    3. Mitchin'! 65 months ago | reply

      Dat's s'nice!

    4. bark 65 months ago | reply

      @paddington; you mean those little bugs? Yah, but if there's even a puff of wind they just blow away.

      @kenIAm: This is true. I must make a point of enjoying winter. OH! When are we tormenting Mitch in Aspen or whatever?

      @bigmak: From a moving car if you can believe it!

    5. handlebar_moustache57 65 months ago | reply

      You know, you've got such a LONG ways to go until summer time and warm weather. :) Snuggle up to those longjohns ... they're going to be your friends for several more months to come ;) It is, though, nice to have distinct seasons like you do.

    6. bark 65 months ago | reply

      *sigh* yes, seasons are nice and usually I find winter fun, but this summer was crap, and the autumn was less than spectacular, now winter is feeling more oppressive than normal and we dont' even have snow yet! It's going to be long.

    7. Ken I Am 65 months ago | reply

      Hmm...we'll have to get with Mr. M and see when it's good for him. He'll have SO far to travel...

    8. bark 65 months ago | reply

      It's been a while since I did a ski trip somewhere. I could be tempted very very easily.

    9. Ken I Am 65 months ago | reply

      Warm up session in Tahoe...just saying...

    10. archidave 65 months ago | reply

      Thats really beautiful. Liking that, and liking little fluffy white clouds. this is a real departure from your usual stuff. I approve, but why keep it hidden from us so long?

    11. bark 65 months ago | reply

      @ken: HA you people will be my undoing.

      @archidave: thanks man :) Summer was insanely busy for me with work stuff and this (and a lot of other things) got lost in the shuffle.

    12. L1v32tr4v3l 64 months ago | reply

      lovely.. and reminiscent of the lovely background images that come with Windows

    13. bark 64 months ago | reply

      I dont' run windows, so that was news to me. I'm hoping Bill offers me $58 million to include it in the next OS. No really, it's TOTALLY worth that much!

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