40+22 - Squeaky Clean!

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    It took all of about 4 seconds for the lens to steam up.

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    1. archidave 115 months ago | reply

      obviously because you are so hot (and, perhaps, moist)? :D

    2. polite mandible [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      yeah, i'm thinking the same.

    3. Michael Mitchener 115 months ago | reply

      I can't get over how creative you are with your self portraits and I'm impressed with your personal hygiene. Are you using a tripod, a shelf, another person or do you have your other arm twisted around behind you (I'm really impressed if it's the latter option)? Awesome shot.

    4. paul !! 115 months ago | reply

      Great mirror photo.

    5. acrid stranger [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      You must be preparing to kiss someone with fresh Minty breath!
      Love the pic

    6. paddington62 115 months ago | reply

      Hey, we have the same toothbrush!

      Well, not the same toothbrush exactly, but the same type of toothbrush.

    7. bark 115 months ago | reply

      @archidave : hrm..maybe I've got H1N1? doesn't that make you hot and sweaty?

      @gardner : haha thanks :)

      @michaelMitchener : wow thanks :) I take that as high praise from someone as skilled as you! This one I used a tripod. the dark blob in the lower right is the camera. I set it up, put the lens cap on, hopped in the shower, and then snapped once I was out and it was all steamy. The part I didn't think about was the actual camera lens getting steamed up once I took the cap off. I only managed to get 3 pics before it was over. Next time, i'll take a lens cloth in there too.

      @paul : mirrors are kinda fun! I'm going to have to scout out some more!

      @mausdawg : well I am a fan of kissing, so it's never bad to have fresh, kissable breath.

    8. mollykiely 115 months ago | reply

      Fun and kinda intimate shot -- I like it, fog n' all...

    9. Ken I Am 115 months ago | reply

      Oh...looks like there's a new McSteamy in town!

    10. Taller Than You 115 months ago | reply

      Oh, sorry, that's just me breathing heavily behind you.

    11. bark 115 months ago | reply

      @mollykiely : Thank you :)

      @kenIAm : bwahahahahah that must be all the mcDonald's I've been eating.

      @TallerThanYou : oooh THAT's why I can't see! So I dont' need a fan, I need a lock on the door ;)

    12. bark 115 months ago | reply

      @paddington : I love that toothbrush! Well, I love my version of it, and your version of it is, i'm sure, lovely...too.

    13. paddington62 115 months ago | reply

      ...fan of kissing AND fresh minty breath. What could be better?

    14. bark 115 months ago | reply

      @paddington : uhm. geeze. Nothing?

    15. bentbanana 111 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Male Grooming Parlour - Shaving cream, soap, razors, clippers..., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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