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Josie [Stranger 102 / 200] Covent Garden, London | by barbasboth
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Josie [Stranger 102 / 200] Covent Garden, London

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Arnab and I were exploring the potential backgrounds of the Covent Garden area when we found this lovely alleyway, with nice light and relatively few people passing through. I waited patiently to see if someone I felt inspired by passed us, and then I saw Josie striding purposefully towards something or someone. I intercepted her and let her know I thought she had a lovely complexion, and would she agree to a portrait? It turned out that Josie had a friend waiting for her right there and I had managed to (inadvertently) interrupt their greetings! Oops.

However, Josie was up for it and her friend was also a good sport, encouraging her not to worry about maknig her wait a little longer, so off we went to the alleyway!


Arnab kindly helped hold a silver reflector to bring up the shadows on Josie's face on the right at first, but then this didn't quite work as the light that was reflected was almost as strong as the normal light reaching the other side of Josie's face, making it less contrasty than I'd have liked. So we switched to the reflector on the left side to complement the natural light but evening it out from the bottom, resulting in smooth tones across the lighter side of Josie's face. It did mean the darker side needed a little post production work to smooth the shadows, but I am quite happy with how it turned out (it was around 10 minutes work so not much processing). Josie's delicate features and her boho outfit really works with this warm background. I wish I'd moved her a little so her head blocked out the lighter area behind it (by moving her away from it more) but that's a learning for a future encounter... :)

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Taken on July 17, 2015