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98b -- Tramaine | by barbasboth
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98b -- Tramaine

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A lovely summer evening in Soho found Arnab and me hanging out near a cupcake shop (of course Arnab sampled their offerings) where Gemma and her companion Tramaine also ended up in. I noticed how both ladies were chatty, upbeat and exuded great confidence, and somehow I didn't mind going right up to them and politely interrupting their conversation to ask for a portrait. Luckily they were both up for it!


Both Gemma and Tramaine are currently acting and singing in the Lion King musical at the Lyceum Theatre in London's West End; Gemma as Sarabi and Tramaine as part of the ensemble, and were on their way to work that evening as well. I told them how I love that show - I have some lovely memories of going to see it with my then-boyfriend (now husband), although as it turned out neither of these ladies were in the show at the time.


We had a limited range of backgrounds available as I did not want to ask them to move far away from their original path as they were on their way to work, so I made do with this black background for both shots. We chatted a little and then a friend turned up to meet Gemma and Tramaine so I thanked them for their time and let them continue on their way. In hindsight I'd have used a reflector to lighten the darks a little, as at the time I misjudged the contrast of the images and didn't think I needed the boost. Oh well!


Thank you, ladies, for letting me photograph you, you are both naturals in front of the camera :)

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Uploaded on July 7, 2015