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So many seeds, so little time..

I had been searching for a field of sunflowers for as long as I can remember. Lo and behold, on our way to the Carden Plains I spot a field that we must have passed a hundred times in the past. We decide that we will stop there on our way home. When we drive up the long driveway, I fully expect to see a farmhouse, but before me is a beautiful home surrounded by fields of sunflowers.


We park and I walk to the front door, which is about 500 yards from the driveway. I ring the bell and wait. I wait for about 3 minutes and no one answers. I hear a big WOOF and think they have a dog and it sounds big. The garage is open and the ride-on mower is on the lawn. I decide I should try another door.


Just then I hear a growl behind me, and there is the largest dog I have ever seen. I climb one of the chairs on the front porch and the dog climbs right up with me. I am not sure whether he has me cornered or he's just friendly. I'm frantically waving to manservant in the truck to do something. He doesn't budge from the truck. I'm thinking - get out draw his attention from me - anything!! I'm picturing the owners are going to answer the door with me and their huge dog on their chair. Once again I try to get manservant to do something - he doesn't even stick his head out of the window to acknowledge he can see me in this predicament. I have a funny feeling that he is laughing at me. I have to calm myself down because I'm thinking this dog can feel my fear. I know my dogs love to answer the door, so I say to him - let's go see who is at the door. He jumps down and runs down the pathway.


I start jogging to the truck, ready to jump in. Just as I'm about to jump in, a truck drives up and the occupant is looking suspiciously at us - go figure - someone running from his front door. It's the owner of the house. I explain why I'm there and give him a card and he's happy to allow me to photograph the sunflowers. The dogs name is Bear and he's a Burmese Mountain Dog and really friendly. He followed me around for the rest of the day. The owner said I was welcome to go back once they turned to seed.


Apparently manservant's duties begin and end with lugging around my heavy equipment. Although he did say if the dog attacked me he would have come to my rescue - I fear it would have been too late :(

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Taken on September 5, 2012