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"Hope, Action, Change Outdoor Community Kick-Off", Washington, DC, 3/31/07



Attached are photos from the DC Outdoor Obama Kickoff at Dupont Circle

today! Although the weather became colder as the afternoon moved on, you

could see the piqued interest of those passing by for Sen. Obama's campaign

and ideas. Among those whom I got the chance to chat with were a labor union

member weighing Obama and Edwards, two moms with kids in tow, a little girl

holding a framed picture of her and Sen. Obama from Hawaii, non-profit

sector workers, a student who helped organize the Oakland, CA rally a few

weeks back, females undecided between Obama and Clinton, and a fellow

college alum whom I just met for the first time today at the event! There

was an abundance of help, with two people holding the screen down so that it

wouldn't fall over during the webcast to a random biker who took the time to

work magic on our computer system so that we could watch the webcast in a

bigger and smoother format.


Some were just getting to know Barack, but most others were there to show

their support. I could tell that Obama supporters were in it for the long

haul; there was a spirit of acknowledgment that it was early in the

campaign, and many of us seemed newcomers to this thing called "campaigning"

and grassroots efforts - uncertain as to the power and effectiveness of

taking matters into our own hands, but one thing was certain - our belief in

Barack's power to unify all of our differences in a time of division. Our

belief in his personal background and experiences that would make him, out

of all the candidates, a fairer and sounder decision-maker and executive.


Not everything was perfect at the event - it was difficult to remain

connected to the webcast, there was a lack of materials, buttons, info

packets, stickers that multiple people were asking for, and some came and

left after a momentary glance over. But what this experience has taught me

is that this entire campaign and our part in it must be an ongoing learning

process. On one part, I am glad that we have almost a year to really build

this campaign! Now we can learn from our mistakes so that we can better

outreach over the next 10 months, and most of all, as I found myself noting

what could be done better next time and what things were working, it made me

realize my own power as a member of the grassroots revolution that is

happening right now in history. Some things I took away from the event:


1. Preparation is key in organizing - prepare enough packets, buttons,

stickers, materials for everyone to pick up

2. Designate point persons for each segment - this will allow the event to

run much more smoothly rather than having one person trying to answer/decide

everything; assign a sign-up person, assign a tech person, assign a food and

drinks person, etc.

3. Utilize the space most efficiently - set up the space so that it attracts

the most amount of passersby with easy access to materials and people

equipped to answer questions on Obama; separate the space into a viewing

area, chatting area, etc.


As I discussed and shared with others, I could sense a mutual camaraderie

that even though politics and business as usual may seem intimidating and

immovable, maybe, just maybe, this time the people really can win this

thing. Maybe more than being a test of Sen. Obama, this campaign is a test

of the American people - and how we choose to reclaim our own power as



Thanks and much support,

Sunhee Choi

Steering Committee Member

DC for Obama

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Taken on March 31, 2007