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    Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama and his family on election night in Chicago, IL on Wednesday, November 5, 2008. (David Katz/Obama for America)

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    1. Hibachirama (Mary) 78 months ago | reply

      Really enjoying this set -- fascinating to see a glimpse behind the scenes on such a historic occasion. Thanks for being willing to share these!

    2. amichael645su 78 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful shot...!!!
      I greet warmly - michael from Poland

    3. e³°°° 78 months ago | reply

      such a beautiful family !

    4. jamica 2009 [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      @e3000: jij hier ook, hij was van mij eerst hé... ;-)

      Mr Obama, without any doubt, you're the perfect person for the job... but your photographer, that's an other story! just let me know if you're looking for more talent! ;-)

      *just click on the photo!*

      and once again...  OTIS

    5. Max Perrini alias IK7TOE 78 months ago | reply

      All The Best,Mr President. Yes we Can.

    6. alma419g@sbcglobal.net 78 months ago | reply

      what a beautiful family and fresh outlook for our country President Obama reminds me so much of pictures I've seen of Lincoln and mannerisms of JFK.Good luck and God Bless

    7. Thomas Becker 78 months ago | reply

      Congratulations from Germany - we are looking into a brighter future with you - step by step! All the best!

    8. barrylightbourn 78 months ago | reply

      This Change has been more than inspirational...

      It felt visceral. I cried the night of the election and I cry more now each time I see a further sign of how foundational this change is… it’s in all the comments here.

      I’m a white sixty year old Canadian/British male, psychotherapist for 37 years. I want to comment from that perspective on where I believe we’re going from here.

      Being moderately good at what I ‘do’ as a psychotherapist comes, I believe ;>) at least in part from my awareness of how we are all ‘split’. We are divided into differing sides of self - loving/fearful, awake/asleep, male/female, angry/defeated, forgiving/hateful - you name it. I work at healing that split in myself as well as in others (as they choose to!) We live, in those ways, in ‘duality’: we see ourselves as ‘just a body, mind and feelings here’ but we are also a ‘consciousness that animates this life process’.

      In 1971 I saw perhaps one male to 30 women. These days I often have more men than women to book for therapy. That change parallels, I believe, what Barack’s election is saying we can achieve.
      I grew up in a relatively privileged environment. Yet having been crippled at times by depression or anxiety, watching Obama I realized something fundamental. There is probably a part of each of the 6 and a half billion of us that has felt we Have To: 'sit at the back of the bus' - be vulnerable and have someone else in charge of our lives. Maybe the change he is facilitating is one we can each participate in. Maybe we can each risk being much more the Authors of our Own Stories… bridging our brokenness. I call it Switching Off Autopilot.

      Barry Johnston-Spooner, London, Ontario

    9. Abuja 78 months ago | reply

      Not an ordinary family night in front of the TV! Congratulations!

    10. Chris_Bennett 78 months ago | reply

      Now I don't have to dream about being a fly on the wall...

    11. tsega0202 78 months ago | reply

      OH my God, I LOVE YOU and Your Family. I have been living in US for a while but never wanted to change my citizenship, but now i am going to. I LOVE AMERICA MORE because of you!!! May God bless you!!! Love you again!

    12. artwpn 78 months ago | reply

      I voted early and ended up in Jersey with my folks to watch the returns. I was cautiously optimistic (given the past two elections' voter issues) and thought I was hearing the news incorrectly when the stations starting calling the win. I couldn't believe it. A great swell of pride and elation grew in my heart…
      These photos are bringing it all back again.
      A much needed move forward for the United States.

    13. modernbrush 78 months ago | reply

      Nice Photos! Thats it!! I am well known artist ..I know, trust me!!

    14. Been Buddy Longway 78 months ago | reply

      Oh my god

      this is intimate beauty

      Thank you
      for inviting us into your home

      after we have been with you
      all these months...

      Flickr Friend

    15. relisa 78 months ago | reply

      Congrats Mr. President
      and thank you for sharing such intimate photos with us.

      We are very proud of you and of your wonderful family. A great man always shares his life with grat women!


    16. 2Serenity 78 months ago | reply

      I am loving this moment in history. I never thought that I would ever see this day and I even interned in the White House under the Clinton (1993) administration. We never ever thought this would happen in our lifetime.

    17. rabcac 78 months ago | reply

      Wow! I thought someone in the room would be jumping around like they won the major prize on the 'Price Is right'. Such composure! Nice! Nice to have young daughters focusing in on the coverage also!

    18. edmonkey 78 months ago | reply

      Love the shots. And what a hero. But the PR guys have to take the FIJI water out of the shot.

    19. Stephen B Whatley 78 months ago | reply

      Congratulations - I am overjoyed here in London, UK - your election has brought new hope to the world...and this is a wonderful photograph of cool and heartfelt President Barack Obama and his beautiful First Lady. On November 1st (All Saints' Day) with many prayers I painted from my heart & soul a tribute to you, Sir.......to be seen via the link:


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