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    Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama and his family on election night in Chicago, IL on Wednesday, November 5, 2008. (David Katz/Obama for America)

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    1. Novus ordo seclorum 98 months ago | reply

      What was achieved on Nov. 4th is truly a victory and in no way should it be seen otherwise within its' right. But not for the same reason it is also the spark which will ignite our constitution doused over the years with the fuel of dwelling liberties by the very people it was designed to protect.

    2. ortsac66 98 months ago | reply

      Malia looks like a future powerhouse - smart, self-assured ... another President in the making?

    3. tulipan 98 months ago | reply

      woooow incredible photograph.

    4. Tamara Irminger 98 months ago | reply

      Serene like her dad.

    5. Marie_intheblue 98 months ago | reply

      She has a familiar look in her eyes...I see a promising future ahead of her. Good job Mr. and Mrs. Obama!!

    6. Sparky** 98 months ago | reply

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the next (future) president of the United States.
      This election has opened many new doors for the whole world. What a beautiful/intelligent family.

    7. isuka63 98 months ago | reply

      Soy hondureÑA y estoy feliz porque gano obama
      que el seÑOr lo acompaÑE y que le ayude a ser un
      buen presidente y diga no a las guerras pues no mas
      muertes de inocentes.
      Dios primero y despues obama adelante
      ivette kattan castellanos honduras c.A.

    8. Rodolfo Giunta 98 months ago | reply

      She's so beautiful!!!

    9. Been Buddy Longway 98 months ago | reply

      That girl is so gracious! (Graceful?)

      Stefaan, Belgium

    10. sidv2004 98 months ago | reply

      I love how she looks in this pic!

    11. dancediva1972 98 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful young lady. As a proud and successful black woman I am extremely excited of the positive images our young ladies will get to see on a regular basis. This is what we wish for them...dignity, grace, confidence and self love! Congratulations to the 1st Family!

    12. StanAAngel 98 months ago | reply

      Dear President Obama

      About six days ago I released a video on youtube.com that I made for what I believe in, and in it by coincidance an image appeared that was remarkebly noted by Colin Powell in his endorsement for you.
      The Video is called;

      "Show us the way President Obama"

      I am honored by your win, your presence in American politics and your extreme courage to change the very fabric of our nation for the better.

      The video is here at;


      Love Stan
      A proud American

    13. GVILL3RMO MARTINEZ 98 months ago | reply

      Buena suerte! presidente!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. littlestarpat 98 months ago | reply

      beautiful little girl

    15. Draufganger 98 months ago | reply

      Isn't she beautiful?
      Our BEAUTIFUL first family!

    16. Wifi13 98 months ago | reply

      What a stunning shot of Malia!
      You must be very proud parents Michelle and Barack!
      We are still crying tears of exuberant joy and hope at my house dear Mr President. Now let's get to work as a mighty team to fix this broken country of ours. I'm up for the task at hand!!
      Kevin in Sacramento

    17. barrylightbourn 98 months ago | reply

      This Change has been more than inspirational...

      It felt visceral. I cried the night of the election and I cry more now each time I see a further sign of how foundational this change is… it’s in all the comments here.

      I’m a white sixty year old Canadian/British male, psychotherapist for 37 years. I want to comment from that perspective on where I believe we’re going from here.

      Being moderately good at what I ‘do’ as a psychotherapist comes, I believe ;>) at least in part from my awareness of how we are all ‘split’. We are divided into differing sides of self - loving/fearful, awake/asleep, male/female, angry/defeated, forgiving/hateful - you name it. I work at healing that split in myself as well as in others (as they choose to!) We live, in those ways, in ‘duality’: we see ourselves as ‘just a body, mind and feelings here’ but we are also a ‘consciousness that animates this life process’.

      In 1971 I saw perhaps one male to 30 women. These days I often have more men than women to book for therapy. That change parallels, I believe, what Barack’s election is saying we can achieve.
      I grew up in a relatively privileged environment. Yet having been crippled at times by depression or anxiety, watching Obama I realized something fundamental. There is probably a part of each of the 6 and a half billion of us that has felt we Have To: 'sit at the back of the bus' - be vulnerable and have someone else in charge of our lives. Maybe the change he is facilitating is one we can each participate in. Maybe we can each risk being much more the Authors of our Own Stories… bridging our brokenness. I call it Switching Off Autopilot.

      Barry Johnston-Spooner, London, Ontario

    18. itindi2004 98 months ago | reply

      Yes we can, n by God's grace it all happened.God bless Obama Family , God bless America,God bless the World n yes we can.

    19. CatalogThis 98 months ago | reply

      Best wishes to the First Family!

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