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    Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama and his family on election night in Chicago, IL on Wednesday, November 5, 2008. (David Katz/Obama for America)

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    1. Akfirebug ages ago | reply

      I love the crop of this one, it really captures the special moment!

    2. L'album de Georges ages ago | reply

      Great shot, really... just a pitty it is photoshoped (a guy just behind the Barack's head has been erased...see original picture just after) :

      Open debate : could we alterate (a little) the truth for improve aesthetic ???

      Belle photo, vraiment....juste dommage qu'elle ait été photoshopé (le type dans le fond, derrière la tête de Barack, a été effacé : voir la photo originale juste après)....

    3. Kaká ages ago | reply

      @ L'album de Georges : clearly, it's a different photo.

    4. Scott Docherty ages ago | reply

      @ L'album de Georges: It doesn't appear PS'd. It's a different shot from a lower perspective. You can see the very top of the other sitting guy's head just above Barack's.

    5. L'album de Georges ages ago | reply

      ok, you are right...he was so still....

    6. Lawrence JJ Lee ages ago | reply

      It looks like he was praying for victory. This picture seems to capture the tone of his campaign which was hope for the future. Wonderful pic!

    7. skriv ages ago | reply

      he's not praying! he knows better than to waste his time with such silliness....

      Hey prez, REALLY looking forward to that idea getting a bit more light of day sometime soon. Maybe after re-election? ;)

    8. JJ Likes DC ages ago | reply

      Mr. and Mrs. Obama you are not alone with your anticipation my heart is in both of your clenched hands..God Bless America!

    9. mona104 ages ago | reply

      God bless the american people for electing you, and that same god will always protect you president obama. That same god that brought the children of israel from egypt, he will deliver you to second term. He will protect you from all harm and danger. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Believe in his word (The bible), it works. I am a witness. (Not jehovah witness, smile. Mona from liberia

    10. mona104 ages ago | reply

      Have my deepest condolence for the death of "Tutu". He raised a son to free the world. Let light perpetual shine on her.
      I will always pray for President Obama and his family, especially Sasha and Malia. There is a saying that "the God who brought you this far, will not leave you alone". He will always be there for you, just call on Him when in need. Put God to a test, when things seem difficult, try Him, pray and wait for answer, then you will know the wonders of God. Be bless. mona from liberia

    11. AIDG ages ago | reply

      He looks so somber, like it sunk in what a difficult job he's just inherited. The weight of the world are on his shoulders.

    12. nomadicbird ages ago | reply

      what a wonderful shot -
      i look foward to the future

    13. swamzi ages ago | reply

      greate work!

    14. Takeyce ages ago | reply

      WOW! Great shot. Congrats!!!

    15. MedOkss ages ago | reply

      This picture of the elected president of the USA reflects so many things.
      Nobody can say what he was thinking about at that particular moment in time. One can imagine the feeling of being the winner of something big and important but never at that level, with that massive victory and with the task that stands in front of him.
      I see preoccupation, I see stress too, but the ensemble gives me hope. Call me stupid if you want but I see a man I can trust.
      For all you Americans, I say, well done and congratulations!

    16. Charolem ages ago | reply

      May we live up to the call of our President and become the nation we are to be.

    17. C4rloB ages ago | reply

      I remember how much McCain's concession speech moved me - Great to see the same moment from Obama's perspective

    18. Ana Miranda - Ana M2007 ages ago | reply

      The Dictionary is the only place where SUCESS cames before WORK. Congratulations Mr Obama.

      Congratulations for your great family, for being a father, husband, son, and having time to help us make the world a better day.
      Lisbon, Portugal

    19. yizmo 115 months ago | reply

      Check Paul van Veenendaal's LinkedIN pagina voor de laatste hint + link! #thechase

    20. illusiodesign 111 months ago | reply

      Thinking about how he's going to have to clean up Bush's mess.

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