Barack Obama at first presidential debate, Oxford, MS, 09/26/08

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    Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Barack Obama participates in the first presidential debate with Senator McCain at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS on Friday, September 26, 2008. (David Katz/Obama for America)

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    1. dommar1 79 months ago | reply

      Obama...... 1 phrase: unpatriotic and unfit for presidency. Good job at not saluting the flag FTW who wants a president such as this, for sure not I. So many men and women have died for this country (does not matter which war and for what cause) they have died for us and deserve our respect and admiration which is shown in saluting the flag, and since he did not it is a slap in the face to every man and woman who has died for this country and our freedoms (we have so many which we already take for granted so do not say we have none). And to sit and listen to his minister preach hate about the US is unacceptable, this shows us how much he cares about this great nation. I doubt McCain or Hillary would have sat back and let their pastor/priest preach what Obama let his preach.
      He is unfit for office due to what he has done and shown in his character, I do not care what else he has said or done, he will skirt the truth to gain votes and is a disgrace of an American.

    2. giasmom1 79 months ago | reply

      This photo literally brought tears to my eyes. No photo op - nothing publicity about this it was his opportunity to be with HIS GOD....who ever it might be...and who should care? He is just awesome!
      My Favorie photo of the whole night ! I saved it in my files...THIS is looking at our next POTUS !! THIS IS HISTORY !
      My heart smiles BIG.

    3. Kubrick Apostle 79 months ago | reply

      I love the haters and there joining of flickr just to trash such a powerful photo. Get off the site you clowns. Its for creative minds only. GREAT SHOT!

    4. hepcat from FORT 79 months ago | reply

      Awesome photo, I'm glad I got linked to it. Very evocative.

    5. 79 months ago | reply

      I see american president. Nothing more, nothing lesss. :)

    6. turonmiah 79 months ago | reply

      Obama is the leader America needs, hope you get him in office!

    7. Alex Barredo 79 months ago | reply

      Probably, the best pic i've ever seen in Flickr.

    8. auxlepli 79 months ago | reply

      That's a bad photo caption. In the photo above Obama is not particpating in a debate. It looks like he's praying or meditating or something. He's definitely not debating.

    9. MaskedM [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

      Such a good pic. Talk more than words. I've put it on my blog (a french one) :
      Don't want to take part of choices of another country but in France Obama would be lected easily :)

    10. Perfecto Insecto 79 months ago | reply

      cool composition, i love how you caught yourself too.

    11. Ben Jacob 79 months ago | reply

      He knows the top secret and most wanted thing in the election canvasing :D Canvasing God :D

    12. zIDEAz 79 months ago | reply

      Senator Obama always seems like he has his balance when he's taking his shot, to use a basketball metaphor. That fact, and the way he's run his campaign, is probably one of the reasons so many people have such confidence in him.

    13. reynish 79 months ago | reply

      great picture

    14. kristenanv 79 months ago | reply

      Hey! Wake up.. open your EYES! He's READING papers/book on the counter. Not praying! Pay attention to the details!

    15. Tous les noms sont déjà pris... pfff... 79 months ago | reply

      I really hope he's the great man we all imagine.
      It's so much pressure on him now...

      I LOVE this photo: it speaks loud!

      Good luck to you Barack!!!

    16. perez_jl [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

      This picture immediately reminded me of this:

    17. obamunism [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

      The most evil person on the planet earth: Barack Hussein Obama

    18. zIDEAz 79 months ago | reply

      The above is further proof that one has to be irrational to vote Down-the-Drain McCain for President in these trying times.

    19. zIDEAz 79 months ago | reply

      Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So, if we were to vote for John McCain, we surely would be insane.

      We need change!

      Our country cannot afford four years like the last eight.

    20. ddrucker 79 months ago | reply

      I keep thinking of that Kennedy photo where he has the back to the camera. Such a candid and fragile moment of quiet and reflection. With the world so uncertain and fearful these days, the image of a man who can quiet himself, think clearly, and then take action is comforting to me. I never saw an image of GWB ever thinking about anything. This meditative image represents to me, the last chance of adult leadership for the US. (and I left the country 3 years ago, fearing an economic collapse that has come earlier than I even dreamed.)

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