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Space Zombie Protocol

So, you're in orbit. The zombie plague has been in full effect down below for months. You've got rations and air for 18 months, a good crew, a viable plan to get the self-sustaining moon station up and running within a year. Then your proximity beacon goes off, and you see a capsule heading your way. You hail it, nothing but static, or a mix of static and low grunts. What do you do?


A. Shoot them down.

B. Allow them to dock, use robot probe to check for life signs, leaving airlock door open.

C. Enter capsule, say repeatedly, "Hello? Is anyone there?"

D. After suffering attack from zombie astronaut, allow him to run away, and hide serious bite wound from your fellow crew.


The correct answer is "A: Shoot them down." Those of you who answered anything other than "A", pick up your gear, you're scrubbed. It's not rocket science, people. Not the hard kind, anyway.

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Taken on December 20, 2012