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Trump Change | by The Searcher
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Trump Change

Trump: No it's not a racial thing, I have several close black servants. My issue is what is Obama hiding? Why would he try to hide something that's so obvious to anyone who looks? That's what's fishy, because if he tries to hide this, what else is he hiding?


Reporter: You know what you just described could apply to you and your hair.


Trump: Now you look kid, I'm not hiding anything with my hair. It's normal and natural. Next question.


Reporter: So at the bottom of Obama's certificate of birth, it says "This copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding." If it can be used to get a passport, or driver's license, or for any legal matter to prove citizenship, then why isn't that enough for you?


Trump: Look that's a law thing, that's not a fact. I deal with facts. There's a couple words in there, did not sound like english. That's a red flag right there.


Reporter: Um, I think they're Latin-


Trump: Latin what is that, is that like Kenyan? See it's foreign, it's not American, what are foreign words doing on a piece of paper that's supposed to prove he's American? It makes no sense. It's fishy.


Reporter: Ok thank you Mr Trump for your time. This has been Zooey Patterson, reporting from 5th grade homeroom, for the Miller Valley Elementary Daily News.

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Taken on April 25, 2011