Perturbed Rainbow Vomiting Panda

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    On Tuesday, the panda was angry. Everything was different, and nothing was where it used to be. The button that made his food appear was gone, and his bed had been moved. It did not matter to him that his bed was now larger, and easier to climb into. It did not matter that a different button still brought his food, nor that the button now gave the panda a choice of foods. These changes were simply intolerable, and if things did not return to the way they were, the panda would have no choice but to leave.

    On Wednesday the panda, his belly full, slept contentedly in his bed.

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    1. Dihav-Gnaro 56 months ago | reply

      Interesting work! Beautifully done!

    2. John Kittelsrud 56 months ago | reply

      I hate it when the food button gets changed!

    3. zyrcster 56 months ago | reply

      *waits with Nils for this to show up on Imagekind* ;-)

    4. UnstoppableDrew 56 months ago | reply

      I'm with the Panda. I still haven't figured out where half the info I'm used to looking at has gone to.

    5. phlewte 56 months ago | reply

      i'm glad to hear the story had a happy ending.

    6. Shitao 石 濤 56 months ago | reply

      Move mountains, use a Wellington turn on the tie..the world moves on.

    7. Pete-Ross 54 months ago | reply

      excellent again! somehow you manage to make it adorbale, disturbing and brilliant all at the same time

    8. Explainlater 54 months ago | reply

      Fuck yeah! Can I put it on my bear blog?
      With credits and click-through link obviously.

    9. -sarma- 54 months ago | reply

      First of all, thank you for adding me as a contact I'm humbled.

      Second, the illustrations are absolutely amazing. You make me want to learn how to draw, it's a skill set that I should be spending more time trying to perfect. Third, not only are the illustrations excellent but the brief narrative you include with each picture is awesome and work so well with the images.

      I'm a big fan of illustrators such as James Jean and Ashley Wood, every now and then I jump on your profile page to check out what you have been working on. Keep it up, and consider publishing a book of your amazing work.

    10. Echo Eric 53 months ago | reply

      love this man, would make a amazing shirt on threadless

    11. Naky - 52 months ago | reply

      que buen sketch

    12. Nacht / Ruhe 52 months ago | reply

      Could you please make a wallpaper out of it?

    13. gwashley 50 months ago | reply

      serious technicolor yawn

    14. Emiko Hime 50 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is ridiculous! And in a very very good way!

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