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Equal Rights: Ignorance and Fear Edition

[in light of today's (5-26-09) California Supreme Court decision regarding Prop 8, I'm moving some of my older work to the top of the pile temporarily. I'm too angry to draw new stuff, frankly.]


Reporter: We're speaking today with Brian Brown, Executive Director of

The National Organization for Marriage, or NOM. NOM? NOM, yes I guess that's correct. Mr Brown, tell me about your new movement, "2 Million For Marriage".


NOM: Oh, well we have a catchy short version, it's just "2M4M", and-


Reporter: 2M4M? Seriously?


NOM: Uh, yes, 2M4M. 2 Million 4 Marriage, 2M4M. it's a way for us to get the word out, and have millions of people who support marriage-


Reporter: You mean straight marriage?


NOM: -uh, we just call it "marriage", or "traditional marriage" since as far as we're concerned, there's only one kind.


Reporter: And you think gay marriage supporters are also against straight marriage? They can't be for both?


NOM: Absolutely not. Because what they are advocating would destroy traditional marriage completely.


Reporter: Destroy how?


NOM: It will open the door to condoning all other deviant behavior. They'll have to allow bigamy, for one thing. If it's all about "equal rights" then why shouldn't one man and five wives have the "equal" right to marry? And animals too, of course. Man and animals will be able to get married. Eventually this will lead to the end of procreation, the true purpose of marriage, which will destroy humanity and-


Reporter: Sorry, I have to stop you there. The "true purpose of marriage" is for procreation? Then why aren't you opposed to couples who get married yet don't have kids? Or elderly couples? Or couples who adopt? Why is it ok for them to marry, if your main concern is procreation?


NOM: I'll get back to you on that.


Reporter: Ok, so that's all the time we have. Again, the movement is called "2 Million For Marriage", or "2M4M" for short. Which as most people know, is shorthand for "Gay Male Threeway". Thank you Mr Brown for your time today.


NOM: Thank y- wait what?


larger one here.


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Taken on April 13, 2009