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McCain. involuntary lean to the right. | by The Searcher
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McCain. involuntary lean to the right.

1993. Arizona State University. 11:20pm.


God I hate Bush. Barely a year into his Presidency, and he decided to invade Iraq under questionable circumstances. Guys I knew were leaving for combat. The university was torn apart over the war; anger, yelling, futile protests. I was walking across campus one night after work. Weird timing, John McCain was coming out of a rally for Bush. I don't remember if it was for Bush's re-election or McCain's. But here was McCain, carrying his three or four year old son on one arm, holding his seven maybe year old daughter's hand. No entourage, no security, just the guy and his kids.


We end up walking the entire length of the campus, Mill Ave to Rural. I mean, I hate everything this guy stands for, and the people he rallies for. But we talk the whole time. He asked how I was paying for college. When I told him the two jobs and loans got it mostly done, he asked how I had time for school. I agreed with the catch22, but it was what I had. He got really thoughtful for a while. We talked some more. Then he said the most amazing thing to me. Without breaking stride, he looked right at me and said, "My son just peed on my arm."


I've liked him ever since.


And here we are. 15 years later, with a Bush and an Iraq and a McCain running for office. And having to sacrifice the cool parts I liked about him, to do it.


Nothing changes. Except possibly his son's bladder control.


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Taken on February 27, 2008