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benny. balance.

he's been getting worse. ever since the city shut him down. See, Benny balances rocks. try it sometime. and go four or five high, with rocks so heavy you can hardly lift them. now try it while living on the sidewalk.


I think the balance was important to him. Without the mute towers standing still around him, he's unraveling. His rages are more frequent now, and much more intense. Almost every night, he's roaring to the heavens, or to the frat boys at the Nectar and Ballroom, or to the ground. hours and hours.


You fuckers. you cowardly fuckers willing to anonymously stand up against him, speak ill behind his back. well. how about now? now that you've taken the one thing away from him that he lived for? Are your mocha-frappa-latte-scones tastier now? your organic-freerange-localgrown-soy-burgers more satisfying? your faux-artsy-crafty-freespirit-quirky neighborhood gentrified enough?


you deserve every minute of his screams.


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Taken on June 12, 2006