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Bush Sees Progress in Iraq, Unicorns | by The Searcher
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Bush Sees Progress in Iraq, Unicorns

WASHINGTON DC -- President Bush offered a cautiously upbeat assessment of U.S. progress in Iraq at Monday's Defense Contractor's Luncheon. "The surge has worked. The surge has worked well. The surge has worked weller than we thought it would, or could," Bush told the war-wealthy crowd. "I believe we have Al-Qaeda on the run. Again." President Bush had been briefed by Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker in Baghdad, weeks before their testimony to Congress. "Gen. Petraeus was candid. Gen. Petraeus was candid and forthcoming. And in many ways very encouraging," Bush continued, in his clipped sort Dr. Seussian iambic pentameter.


"I saw Progress. I saw progress that was sig-nif-i-cant," Bush said, struggling with some of his words as if they were spelled out phonetically in his notes. "The current strategy is doing what it was intended to do: Provide a window of support for political stability to come to Iraq. And saving unicorns."


"The troops talk to me," Bush asserted. "The troops are seeing a return of unicorns to the desert. Unicorns that haven't been seen since before the tyrannical reign of Saddam. Saddam Hussein. More local residents, missing unicorns in their daily lives, are coming to the military with offers to cooperate. Iraqis are hopeful that they can go about their daily lives, with unicorns again."


The President spoke for a few minutes more, covering topics that included leprechauns in Iran, and the Easter Bunny returning to Israel.


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Uploaded on September 29, 2007