Bapco Sadeem Card Launch - 3 May 2012.
Launched by Bapco on 3rd May 2012, the Sadeem card is a payment method that enables our customers to improve their fuel consumption management and control through applying smart card technology.
The Sadeem card concept is similar to debit and credit cards however, it is linked directly to the fuel pumps, which allows our customer to pay only for the fuel dispensed. This also enables our customers to view their consumption reports over a period of time, which facilitates their accounting and control tasks too.
There are two types of Sadeem cards, prepaid and credit:

Sadeem Prepaid Private Cards are available for all our customers and can be revalued at a listed Bapco Service Stations.
Sadeem Corporate Cards are generally offered to corporate and fleet customers and can be applied for through contacting our Card Business Unit on +973 1775 2688 or by email to

We also have a YouTube video available at:
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