Calumet CC-400 series

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    1. uwekulick ages ago | reply


      please send this image to the Flickr group camerapedia , the imge resource for the noncommercial project

      best regards, Uwe

    2. stonedistrict (no time to upload atm) ages ago | reply

      Hi, I've got the same camera but I'm looking for a lens for it.
      Can you help me with this?

    3. BanjoHead ages ago | reply

      You can really use any appropriate large format lens with it. You'll just need to find a large format lens that produces a large enough image circle to cover a 4x5 ground glass. If you don't have the board that the lens mounts on or if the size of the hole in your current lens board doesn't match your lens, you'll need to find one that matches the size.

      KEH (a great vendor for used camera gear) does carry lots of lens boards for Calumet cameras:

      ...and lenses:

      Your best bet might be to call them and coordinate the board and lens. They might need to know which generation of Calumet camera you're working with.

    4. stonedistrict (no time to upload atm) ages ago | reply

      Thanks very much for the info.

    5. theCameraClicks ages ago | reply

      Have you been able to find any additional lens boards?

    6. BanjoHead ages ago | reply

      I haven't picked up any new lenses lately so I haven't been in the market for them. I'd likely try KEH first (perhaps by phone than trying to navigate the website for such an item). I'd likely also try to determine whether the Calumet boards changed much over time -- I might not need to find a board of that generation.

    7. theCameraClicks ages ago | reply

      I have a Kodak Viewmaster from the 1950's and the lens boards are the same size as your Calumet. So I was wondering if you had been able to find any of them.

    8. BanjoHead ages ago | reply

      Out of curiousity, I searched KEH for "calumet lens board" and got 10 hits back. I think they ranged from 15 to 40 dollars.

    9. Hans Kerensky 91 months ago | reply


      Because we would like to keep this photo in Camera-Wiki :

      we invite you to join and add it to the Camera-Wiki Flickr group :

    10. Hans Kerensky 86 months ago | reply

      Thanks for adding !
      It appears here in Camera-Wiki :
      and here :

    11. Dustin McAmera 37 months ago | reply

      Thanks again for this picture! I just edited the CC-400 article at Camera-wiki, after I got a CC-401. Now to learn to drive it...

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