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Eight Belles

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Track personnel try to hold down Eight Belles after the 134th Kentucky Derby Saturday, May 3, 2008, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky. Eight Belles was euthanized after breaking both front ankles following a second-place finish in the Kentucky Derby. (AP Photo/Brian Bohannon)

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  1. virginiapoet 84 months ago | reply

    Tragic moment; amazing capture.

  2. PhotoGeekGirl 84 months ago | reply

    What a tragedy :(

  3. JIB's Photography [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    SO SAD!!!! She made it to the big show... and she impressed all.

  4. Little Miss Lena 84 months ago | reply

    This was a horrifying time, any idea why it happened? Just a bad step? Its terrable that it was both her front ankles, she was so amazing! She showed those colts!

  5. Jim B L 84 months ago | reply

    That is tough to look at. :(

    Found in a search. (?)

  6. BANAMINE 84 months ago | reply

    This was sent to me by a good friend" The derby yesterday- I watched it over and over, and I think I saw the moment Eight Belles was injured. In the homestretch, after Big Brown passed her, her head suddenly jerks sharply to the right, and she starts to fade right, a little at a time. Tragic- she was possibly the equal of the great Ruffian..."

  7. kristingrueteredhs 84 months ago | reply

    i heard that several horses were euthanized that die at the same track because of broken legs. there's an investigation going on to see if it was the condition of the track.

  8. Kerri-Jo 84 months ago | reply

    people need to stop looking at the track surface -which may be the end cause but is certainly not the main ones.

    racing babies before they are physiologically mature and the type of training that builds great musculature and respiratory systems before bones and tendons/ligaments are built up

    horse racing is about the tote and not the horse

  9. Ceece56 84 months ago | reply

    there was only one horse Euthanized that day. It has not happened at a Derby in a very, very long time.

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  10. crime scene 84 months ago | reply

    The trainer feels the jerking head during the race was not the moment of injury, and that she exhibited this behaviour before in other races. Maybe.

    clearly though, after the race she starts favouring one front leg then switches leads and the other leg crumples under her. It was awful from then on, the poor creature.

    As you can see from the picture above, both legs are clearly not right...there should be more leg showing on the right and on the left, the pastern has clearly collapsed. I hope she was in more shock than pain before she was euthanized.

    I am not in favour of the current breeding and racing practices, treating horses like expendable commodities. It is completely unethical and inhuman.

    thanks for posting, to remind us how we should NOT be towards our fellow creatures.

  11. Capitol149 82 months ago | reply

    Such a beautiful filly---so sad.

  12. Elusive Elegance 80 months ago | reply

    Yikes. I didn't actually see the filly . This is the first picture I have seen of it.

  13. Fotography by Felisa 80 months ago | reply

    Heart wrenching and tragic.

    Kerri-Jo and Crime Scene are right on the mark with their comments.

    Mans selfishness knows no bounds.

  14. redponygary 78 months ago | reply

    I've been waiting for THIS one! That person you see with the tan jacket on is NOT a track affiliate. He is a very good friend of mine from Boston, Mass. His name is John "Southie" Whidden. He was standing just outside the rail at the spot where she went down, so instinctively "JUMPED OVER "the rail and ran out to help her. He saw that it was her RF CANNON AND LF Pastern AND LF ANKLE !!! Look at that pic AGAIN...seconds before that shot, She was down and Southe got to her before ANYONE else, so grabbed her left ear and Tried to KEEP her down. She WAS instantly in shock (didn't Feel it), but as the CANNON bone had already COMPOUNDED through the skin, he knew he had to keep her from doing more harm by thrashing to get back up and KEEP RUNNING!! Then, the dumb-ass outrider comes galloping over and starts giving Southie lip! Well, if your from this neck of the woods, you DON'T give SOUTHIE "mouth", see, cuz that's HIS job! Anyway, it was LESS than 3 minutes from the time she went under the wire,only Filly in the race, a SOLID second, beat by only 4 3/4 lengths, Unbridled's baby Grandaughter, Yes,another SUPER Filly, and just under 3 three minutes she was GONE. :( I've watched the "front-view, slo-mo's" a million times, I was a RIDER and INSTRUCTOR of RIDING for my first 30 years with Thoroughbreds (3-Day). The RIDER in this case DEFINITELY was maybe more than 80% at FAULT. The "Chemicals"(more than likely) steroids probably played a role also in weakening internal organs (bones),etc.A SHAME,but it looks like yet another 100% HUMAN____-UP!!

  15. crime scene 78 months ago | reply

    Thank you redponygary - I'm still angry about the waste of a perfectly good living being.

  16. mylittleoonapie 77 months ago | reply

    Kerrie-Jo has a point there, most 2yro are raced before they are actually 2, so it's a bit unfair :( but then it still happens to the older guys aswell :(.

  17. jackiecmaskk [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

    Poor girl... I would feel terrible.

  18. Ky Derbyman 59 months ago | reply

    It kills me to see this happen when she tried so hard to win the Kentucky Derby and just about did.

  19. Toms Corner Photography [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

    A shame, from any view. A real shame. Poor thing!

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