Chipmunk Chowing Down.

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    For those of you that don't know....there are millions of chipmunks in Colorado. Not only that, but in the park areas, they are very friendly and bold. This shot was taken at the top of the tram ride I took on Sunday, but on Monday, Mike, Jill and I were in Rocky Mountain National Park WAY up high on the highway at an overlook. The chipmunks there would climb on your shoulders, your head, anywhere....for food. They're really cool animals. :-)

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    1. Rob Macklin 69 months ago | reply

      Cute little critters......and very nice shots.
      Fun to hold and cuddle.

      Too bad they carry bubonic plague and rabies.

    2. Jill's Junk 69 months ago | reply

      Really sharp shot Wes. They were almost as tame as the ones I have in my backyard. Hope you've recovered from that loooooong day yesterday:-)). Thanks for driving all day---I'm so glad Mike decided to add the town of Leadville to the list of great sights:-))). I wouldn't have wanted to miss that!! Wish I had seen the bear!

    3. dreamscapepics 69 months ago | reply you had a day full of excitement...elk, bear, and chipmunks...Sounds like a day that was one in a million... ;-)
      (sorry couldn't resist the bad pun)

    4. el__vaquero 69 months ago | reply

      The color, composition and clarity are awesome!

      Please add your fine shot to
      Alert swimmer
      Love of the Great Outdoors<.

    5. Rick Buch 69 months ago | reply

      Awesome story and equally awesome shot.

    6. KimHojnackiPhotography 69 months ago | reply

      He is so cute, great story.

    7. h_roach 69 months ago | reply

      They're that way in parts of California. As a kid they used to fascinate me (well, they still do!) when they were so friendly. My father used to tell me they were nothing but vermin and not to touch them, but my mother would slip me treats to give them. :) This is such a great shot! I especially love how the light catches on the ends of his very long whiskers.

    8. chaybert (Brian Rueb) 69 months ago | reply

      You went all the way to Colorado to shoot chimpmunks?


      have fun with that....Mike sure points out some great scenary....make sure you thank him.

    9. AZTransplant/Nicki 69 months ago | reply

      Great series of shots, Wes! Those little chipmunks are fun. We camped near Tahoe years ago and they did the same thing. Crawled all over you to get some snacks. That one little guy is really storing up for winter! Looks like you three had a great time. Enjoyed looking at your photos.

    10. William Said 69 months ago | reply

      Evil creatures I tell ya!

    11. 69 months ago | reply


      you certainly caught him
      so sharp

      The squirrel at my waterfall simply refused to pose for me

    12. rhonda.kay 69 months ago | reply

      awe.. it's a cute chipmunk. :O)

    13. Anthony Thomas [aka wabberjocky] 69 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called NaturePhotographs *Post 1, comment on 2*, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. Rob Scumaci 68 months ago | reply

      Great textures

    15. LiefPhotos 68 months ago | reply

      We need to beware of these adorable food-stealing chipmunks! :)

    16. Bubba Trout 68 months ago | reply

      How am i supposed to post any of my pictures now when these look so great!? How do you get them to look so vivid?

    17. jeffdoolittle4 68 months ago | reply is my chipmunk pic

      Peanuts make me thirsty

    18. kenkeener1621 66 months ago | reply

      Chipmunks are 1 of my favorite animals and i really like this photo.
      I love watching them eat.
      Please take a look at my chipmunk photos when you get a chance.

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