Sentient Machines: The Restlessness of Hybridity
Amygdala MK3 is an Artificially Intelligent Prosthesis combining ancient rituals of purification with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. The installation consists of an artificially intelligent (AI) robot in the form of a human-like limb. Disturbing and yet sensual, its shape is that of a human-machine hybrid. Amygdala's only skill is to learn how to perform a ritual of purification known as "skin-cutting", found in animistic cults across continents. Amygdala uses adaptive neural networks to learn a ritual of skin cutting by training on itself. By exploring its own body and environment the robot learns how to move and how to cut its skin. Can the machine purify itself by performing a ritual? What must it purify itself of? Is Amygdala a symbol of capitalism or a relic from a future dystopia?
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