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Grandpa's Pocket Ledger & My Field Notes

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Found two of my husband's grandfather's ledgers in a drawer in the garage. It reminded me so much of the Field Notes notebook, I had to photograph them together. However, Grandpa's "Field Notes" has much more cred containing, as it does, all kinds of planting and farming tables in the back, and tractor info. Mine contains dirty stories and notes on the bathroom tile.

Just thought I'd add more info in light of the additional visitors the past few days: Grandpa was a real farmer right here in Los Angeles before it got so crowded. He immigrated in 1908 from the Basque country on the border between Spain & France. He started with a dairy farm in the neighborhood of El Sereno for about 20 years, then moved to Alhambra (so his four lovely daughters would have easy access to the big city) and ran a hay farm in the nearby neighborhood of Monterey Park. There's no evidence anymore of these farms other than photos, these ledgers, and a few milk bottles and scraps of rather terrifying cattle equipment in the back of our garage.

My husband and I live in the 1936 house in Alhambra that grandpa bought to be closer to the hay farm. A friend of mine lives just down the road in what used to be the middle of the farm. It's so fascinating to me to imagine what Los Angeles used to be like - say when Grandpa arrived from France in 1908, or when his daughters were running around in 1930's LA, making shopping trips, going to movies in the old movie houses, riding the Red Cars, going over the border to Mexico for some partying.

  1. JeremyJQuinn 72 months ago | reply

    Dirty stories!?

  2. djloche 72 months ago | reply

    maybe Jim can make a new edition of Field Notes with classic css info (cause we've moved on from tables except where necessary)

  3. ballookey 72 months ago | reply

    @JeremyJQuinn: Human beings will never run out of creativity when it comes to naughty scenarios and salacious conundrums! ;)

    @djloche: Do tables retain the stigma if they're used, you know, for tabular data?

  4. djloche 72 months ago | reply

    Tables used for tabular data will never go out of style. =)

  5. ballookey 63 months ago | reply

    One of grandpa's favorite dairy cows:

  6. ballookey 63 months ago | reply

    One of the dairy bottles:
    Dairy Bottle

  7. bhamilton101 32 months ago | reply

    really cool find thanks for sharing!

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