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    Canon 5D handheld cha-cha. Ambient light. Best viewed large size.

    A beautiful mediaeval church in most rural Cornwall.

    To view sit 2-3 feet from your monitor. The left eye looks at the right image. The right eye looks at the left image. Don't strain or go bug-eyed. Relax. A central image giving stereo depth will appear.

    1. John Lloyd Lovell 113 months ago | reply

      Wonderful presence as usual. You are a true master of the single camera stereo- and just plain stereo photography.

    2. Balliolman 113 months ago | reply

      Very kind of you to say so, John, thank you! :)

    3. apurdam (Andrew) 113 months ago | reply

      Wow! That's beautiful.
      Churches come out so well in stereo, don't they?

      And I agree with John. You have a really good eye for stereo pics.

    4. DanD3Dman 113 months ago | reply

      Picture perfect!

    5. halong01234 113 months ago | reply

      Beautiful and holly feeling

    6. bob12a 113 months ago | reply

      Perfect lighting in fact brilliant

    7. Balliolman 113 months ago | reply

      You are very kind, Gentlemen, thank you! :)

    8. Whipper_snapper 113 months ago | reply

      Lovely interior.

    9. Duke in Depth 112 months ago | reply

      Excellent. You are a master at composition in the vertical format. Quality is top notch as usual.

    10. izthistaken 108 months ago | reply

      So awesome. Man, I love these!

    11. Caramosca 108 months ago | reply

      the roof!

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